Areas of Practice

Real Estate

ROWE LAW OFFICE, LLC assists clients in a variety of real estate matters ranging from residential real estate, vacant land, farm and commercial transactions, including development, acquisition, leasing and financing.

  • Assisting and advising buyers and sellers of real estate with purchase and sale transactions;
  • Assisting clients to conduct due diligence appropriate in connection with real estate acquisition transactions;
  • Assisting clients regarding land use, zoning and other regulatory matters;
  • Assisting both buyers and lenders in connection with mortgage loan financing transactions;
  • Assisting clients with condominium development projects including the preparation of declarations, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and other documentation;
  • Assisting clients by drafting easements, share well agreements, right of first refusals and other agreements regarding the use of real estate;
  • Assisting clients with the negotiating and drafting of residential and commercial leases;
  • Assisting and advising financial institutions in reviewing all types of real estate transactions;
  • Assisting clients by reviewing closing and loan documents.

Small Business

ROWE LAW OFFICE, LLC assists clients with basic business formation, planning and other issues facing small businesses.

  • Assisting clients with selection of the appropriate form of business entity or organization;
  • Drafting charter or organizational documents;
  • Drafting shareholder agreements, limited liability company operating agreements, and other organizational and governance documents;
  • Assisting clients in the sale or acquisition transactions involving either assets or stock;
  • Succession Planning;
  • Reviewing loan documents;
  • Reviewing commercial leases; and
  • Dealing with business dissolution issues.

Estate Planning

ROWE LAW OFFICE, LLC provides simple to comprehensive estate plans for clients and we work to make your estate planning quick, easy, and painless. Proper planning today can save your beneficiaries the time and headache of administering your estate later on. Our estate planning is done for a flat-rate fee for most services.

  • Wills and amendments to existing Will;
  • Testamentary Trusts;
  • Revocable Living Trusts;
  • Power of Attorney Documents for Heath Care and Finances;
  • Appointing a Guardian for Incapacitated Individuals;
  • Marital Property Agreements (both before and during marriage);
  • Business Succession Planning;
  • Buy/Sell Agreements; and
  • Real estate transfers including removing decedent's name from title.

Probate / Trust Administration

ROWE LAW OFFICE, LLC works to make the administration of your loved ones estate or trust administration as stress free as possible. We help clients as needed, from a one- time consultation to full administration. We charge an hourly rate, not a percentage of the assets.

Family Mediation

Rowe Law Office, LLC Rowe Law Office, LLC help clients navigate the divorce process by providing interest based mediation for clients. Interest based mediation allows you to control the divorce process with my guidance as a mediator.

After both parties agree to enter into mediation that is nonbinding, we meet together and with my assistance you make the decisions that form your divorce agreement. This process is beneficial to you and your children. Creating your own agreement through mediation helps you as you move forward with parenting your children after the divorce is complete. The mediation process is less costly, less stressful and by controlling the process you create your own agreement.

The 6 steps to a family mediation are;

  1. individual introductory meetings with both parties,
  2. statement of the problems by the parties,
  3. information gathering time,
  4. identification of the problems,
  5. generating options, and
  6. reaching an agreement.

Guardian ad Litem

Rowe Law Office, LLC serves the needs of adults and children as a guardian ad litem in adult, juvenile and family matters.

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